The Great Eared Nightjar is pretty much a dragon bird.

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    The Great Eared Nightjar is pretty much a dragon bird.




    That’s a baby night fury, just hasn’t grown into its scales.






    How have I never heard of this bird?! Imma gonna google if its real



    **And yet ONE MORE species I never knew existed!!!**

    “The great eared nightjar (Lyncornis macrotis) is a kind of nocturnal bird found in southeast Asia. They belong to the family Caprimulgidae.

    This bird has five subspecies categorized under it: Lyncornis macrotis macrotis, Lyncornis macrotis cerviniceps, Lyncornis macrotis bourdilloni, Lyncornis macrotis jacobsoni, and Lyncornis macrotis macropterus.

    These nightjars have tufts of feathers on their head in such a way that it looks like they have ears. The geographic range of the five subspecies of Lyncornis macrotis varies. However, their habitat type is common and includes forests, scrublands, or grasslands.

    The breeding season is different in different locations. Their clutch size is one egg and the egg is incubated by both parents. These birds are fairly common in their range and their population seems to be under no threat of endangerment. They feed on insects and are capable of catching their prey while in flight. Their calls are also quite distinct and act as a tool for identifying these birds.”



    You should see how big it gets into season 4!



    Looks like a dragon squirrel too



    Nice birp. I like



    For a minute I didn’t read the title and thought this was some newly discovered species of snake that’s really, really good at coiling up to mimic a bird



    Damn, that really _is_ interesting.

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