Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are still years from launch, CIG confirms

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    Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are still years from launch, CIG confirms




    This might be the longest running gaming grift of all time



    *at least years

    I’m expecting decades



    Thanks for the update. You saved me the yearly trip to their website. Sad truth is that so many of their backers have passed away from old age or Corona



    I read that as star citizen has 42 years from launch



    Water is wet



    Putting this as a inheritance asset is not a myth now.



    At this point I’m at a place where “If it happens, it happens” I backed the game back in 2012 because I love Space loved the vision of just doing space shit.

    I tried Elite Dangerous and while I enjoy some parts of the game, I couldn’t get into the lore and world buildings and also lack of First Person.

    I want to get into EVE because on paper it sounds amazing (super time consuming ) but just feels nice that your progress is noticed over time, there isn’t quick gratification and it’s all one world. But the gameplay mechanics were not immersive, but the ideas and concepts are something I’d like to see in a more immersive experience. Love how players essentially control the narrative of it.

    I recently tried that $3 SpaceBourne game and I loved it. All I want is that game but at the quality of Star Citizen. I don’t even care if it’s not online. That game was made by one person and it has some pretty solid mechanics and the gameplay is fun. It’s janky as fuck but love what the approach they took and even through all its jankiness the world building (as cheesy and poorly written as it is ) it’s THERE, now we just need a company to build from that.

    Love the procedural wars you could join and pick a side to support, loved the way you approach big freighter battleships. When you bounty-hunty you read up on the enemy and their ship and there is a bit of a puzzle/approach in taking them out.

    Take out their radar to prevent them from calling from backup , take out it’s shields so you could take out its engines to preventing from jumping , all this while deciding if you wanna blow up their turrets so you’re not constantly trying to avoid them and taking its offensive weapons out. You have options besides just blowing them up and I love that

    On top of that it has RPG Elements it’s story. Your choices matter and will affect something’s.

    I put 20 hours into it before I felt the janky-ness of the game I was able to forgive because it was just one guy but it just reminded me of what I want. I’ll still hop on Star Citizen when I feel that itch and when it works, I can see/feel the vision they want to do but right now their only source of income is just releasing ships and there is no incentive for them to actually focus on mechanics.

    I am still rooting for the game and I’ll still jump on from time to time because no other game gives me the feeling that the Alpha does. But I quickly realize why I am not playing it when I die to some bug or jankiness and it takes like 15-20 min to get up and running again.

    I hope it does what it wants to do.

    But until then I’ll just hope someone else does a smaller version of what they’re trying to do, even if it’s single player like Starfield. That game has my attention now lol

    All this being said, I think the reason so many people still are rooting for Star Citizen – or a game similar to it – to exist is because we really just want a game like it.

    At this point it’s only a matter of time before another company takes a tackle at it or CIG pulls through.



    Star Citizen and GTA 6 will be released both in same year.. In 2035



    450 million dollars and a decade isnt enough to produce a single player game apparently

    but the faithful will insist its completely normal, and theres no problem at all

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