She entered the lions den and fought the incels on their own turf

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    She entered the lions den and fought the incels on their own turf




    Women are privileged and may be grateful for being sexually harassed as a result of males don’t get as a lot consideration apparently… I want I used to be making this shit up, however have a look at what number of rewards the asshat received



    What subreddit was this, why is she getting downvoted wtf?



    Hah. Imagine pondering ladies are actual. The authorities changed all ladies with drones in 1965.



    It takes a courageous lady to enterprise into the incels den



    and the sniveling little cowards dealt with it about in addition to they deal with all actuality; badly.



    She stated fuck the downvotes, time to teach you dipshits



    Our STEM course is quite a bit higher by comparability (50% ish are girls) there was an Idiot in our shared whatsapp group who thought he was humorous and drew a dick on the profile pic of a woman. No one supported him and he truly was reported to the police and needed to write a proper apology to her and the group.

    Reading that ladies in stem get undervalued appears so bizarre to me as the most effective out of my course are largely girls.



    She appears to be forgetting fundamental legislation of nature:

    Girl are for fuck.




    Srsly? Having to take heed to inappropriately private feedback on a regular basis is about privilege? You coulda fooled me.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 31 total)

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