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    How did he think those other words?



    **Rabbit**: Frog, you make me feel important. I mean that. When I’m with you, I feel like I actually matter; that I’m not unwanted everywhere I go. I never really had that growing up. I still don’t have that now… except when I’m with you. Life has felt a bit different lately and I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I hope that I make you feel important in the same way.

    **Frog**: *Listen, I can only say one word and you know it. You keep me around as a friend because with me, you don’t have to risk ever hearing about what I might actually think of you and how insecure you are. You constantly project your own self-image and end up trying to put me beneath you, and then you get frustrated when it doesn’t work because you can’t read me past a single word. You make fun of me for my limited vocabulary… for how I struggle to express myself… and while I’m on the subject, you won’t let me just move on from the time you saw me eat a small clump of mud because I thought it was a cricket. No pun intended, the way you treat me some days really bugs me. And yet, you don’t treat me like everyone else does… like I’m fragile. I like that. I know that you know deep down… you know that if I could say more than just one word, the world might get a mere glimpse of how endlessly perceptive I am. I guess what I’m trying to say to you is…* ribbit.

    **Rabbit**: Hey, remember the time you ate that turd because you thought it was a fly?

    **Frog**: *You son of a bitch… that was mud and you know it.*



    that frog getting tired



    I never understood how the croaking of frogs and toads started to be interpreted as “ribbit” in the English language. So many other languages have sort-of-words, which at least get close to the sound. But seriously, “ribbit”? Have you ever heard a frog?



    – Who do you think is going to sit on your face, Frog?


    – Ribbit…



    “Frog, what depth do you prefer your water to be?”



    Frog, who is the most delicious?



    But isn’t it ‘ribbit’ though?



    Except if it’s French, then it’s crôa

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 23 total)

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