Riot Games Is Investigating a Top Esports Team Founder Over Bullying Allegations

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    Riot Games Is Investigating a Top Esports Team Founder Over Bullying Allegations




    I mean, his behavior wouldn’t be tolerated in a regular workplace and would be reported to HR and investigated so it makes sense. More professionalism is a good thing and prevents that sort of behavior. Members of TSM are his employees and he shouldn’t be abusive to them, and should face the consequences.



    TSM launched its own investigation into the TSM owner about bullying at TSM

    Gee I wonder what will be the finding of that investigation!



    Anyone who has worked a day in their lives would know working in these conditions is not sustainable. Being told i am worthless and dumb for making mistakes at work should not be tolerated, thats not how you create a good working environment. Not to mention we are not robots and everyone makes mistakes and this not how you handle employees making mistakes, minor or otherwise, in any way, shape or form.

    He should have been reported ages ago. I mean, what the fuck



    Realistically other than a fine and a course on workplace behavior what other punishment could be given?



    […] Over email, Dinh tells WIRED that he has “exceedingly high expectations for myself, and I share those same high expectations with everyone I work with. I have zero tolerance for underperformance. I am intense, passionate, driven, and relentless in the pursuit of winning- it’s my nature. I set an extremely high bar, and when I feel that someone is not delivering, I directly and bluntly share that feedback.”[…]

    Regi just shoot himself in the foot on this one… You can’t expect your employee to be as invested as you (the owner) in a company that is not his. Doing so only create false expectations for your employees and lead on creating a toxic environment where the employer is constantly frustrated because he always wonder “why are my employees not as invested as I am in my own company”.

    Edit (Regi statement reminded me of this short video about expectations for your employees) :



    “Tsm has completed our investigation and found that chairman Regi has done no wrong. “



    bro i saw the title and i thought was about TES



    i was like “Top Esports? Who’s bullying knight?”…



    “I’m sick of someone who’s basically just a bully getting away with it because it’s in everyone’s best interest to not get in his way.”

    Basically what Dyrus/svenskeren/Akaadian had to endure and plus anyone else who hasn’t publicly discussed the bullying.

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