Our landlord keeps saying there’s nothing wrong with our shower..

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    Our landlord keeps saying there’s nothing wrong with our shower..




    Document, document, document



    Poop go in toilet



    This is MILDLY infuriating?



    oh, someone is pouring coffee grounds down their sink



    Nothing wrong with your shower but sure looks like your drain has problems



    I had this exact same issue with my landlord your toile is really clogged they snaked mine eventually after a lot of nagging.



    “Hey, that’s nothin’ wrong with the pipes, that’s just Rico upstairs. Sometimes he uses his bathroom to cut the bodies apart, and if he forgets for a bit and leaves it, it leaks down through the drains. But he pays everybody fifty bucks to keep silent. Or what do you think that was in your mail?”



    In Japan it’s known as “Ju-on” or more popularly a “Grudge”…

    You should leave.

    Edit: be sure to seek a priest or priestess of Shintoism to ensure your families safety.



    Plumber here.. first off shower doesn’t look fine.. it’s missing the face plate to the overflow which tightens a seal on the backside of the tub. This will eventually leaking behind the wall.

    Secondly is this coming out of the spout or up from the drain?

    If it’s coming from the drain there’s a clog in the line somewhere and will most likely require a snake to clear the clog.

    If it’s coming from the spout, my next question would be are you on a well? If you are then either the well needs shocked or some form of filtration needs installed.

    Either way you can take this comment and show it to your landlord… I’m a plumber and this is not fine. You should be ashamed of yourself to charge someone rent to live in these conditions.

    If he says it’s fine again…
    Document document document… and DO NOT PAY RENT UNTIL IT IS FIXED. you’ll have to continue to set the rent money back, because once it’s fixed you’ll owe back pay for all the owed money but that’s what you need to do.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 26 total)

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