None of this shit matters

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    None of this shit matters




    It never did.



    Don’t know why we are still going to work when the world is ending.



    It’s too bad this fact doesn’t spur others to action.

    My relatives freeze in fear at this reality, and just ignore me when I remind them of it.

    There’s a dissonance for meaning in a lot of people, and it ironically makes it harder for them to imagine a better world beyond what we already have. I mean really imagine it, not just some vague hopes.



    *Image Transcription: Twitter Post*

    **Michael sucks**, @Home_Halfway

    Hi boss sorry I’m late, we’re calendar year 3 into a pandemic and none of this shit matters

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    None of this shit matters.



    Ask any nurse, better get used to this pandemic. It’s here to stay.



    It’s so annoying how we aren’t even 2 full years into pandemic, and people are already complaining about 3 years of pandemic.

    Sooooo dumb



    I hate how fully dependent my survival is on my paycheque.


    I also hate how literally eight thousand dollars, which is pennies to my bosses and a drop in the ocean in the grand scheme of things, would improve my life 100-fold. I’d have all my debts paid off, a full fridge, and next month’s rent and I’d be able to take a full sigh of relief and get back to saving money.



    It literally feels like a blur to me. Everyday is the same. Same work to do same routine

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 30 total)

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