Men and women who’ve given oral to a woman, does it taste bad?

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    I’ve by no means accomplished it and I’m considering of attempting it with my girlfriend. I’m afraid of the odor or the taste and that I’d gag.




    If there’s a style/scent robust sufficient to trigger discomfort, its probably a difficulty of weight loss program/hygeine. Not all the time, typically scent simply occurs, however for those who gf has a decently nutritious diet it ought to truthfully have little or no style.



    Nah it tastes advantageous, generally good even. Smells like the warmth from the again of a PS4



    Just time it shortly after a bathe.

    And do not be a snob about it. Humans are gross flesh sacks. Just higher to simply accept that early and dwell happier for it.



    Short reply: It can

    Long reply: It’s not like consuming cake. You’re placing your mouth on part of the physique that is coated up for a lot of the day. Most of the time it would not style an excessive amount of completely different than simply licking the particular person’s pores and skin. Sometimes it does style unhealthy. Sometimes it tastes good. Hygiene could make a distinction. You should not really feel the necessity to gag until your companion would not handle herself down there.

    If you discover it mildly disagreeable, simply keep in mind it is for HER and probably not you. Vice versa for blowjobs.



    It may not style good at first relying on how lengthy it’s been since she let her coochie breathe. But after the primary few instances, you’ll want to eat her out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.



    Do it after you’ve each taken showers. An extended day and issues can get fragrant.



    Nope assuming they maintain it clear. It will be an acquired style for some however not for me. I adore it!

    The clitorus tastes higher than the vaginal opening and feels higher to them 95% of the time. Take your time and determine how she likes it. Once you get good it’s fairly satisfying making them orgasm together with your mouth and tongue.




    As lengthy as the realm wholesome, there should not be a scent or unhealthy style. Its completely different, however numerous enjoyable. Take your time. Pay consideration to all the space. And take note of her response to find out what she likes.



    If shes clear its all good. Personally i favor when shes a number of hours after showering as a result of should you go down immediately theres no style in any respect and it appears like one thing is lacking.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 32 total)

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