Mass Adoption of EVs requires longer range than 400mi

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    I’ve heard the arguments, “YOU SUCK if you can’t wait 40 min to charge every 300mi” etc. and sure, but for me to want an EV as an ICE owner it has to have 6-700mi range and fast chargers at most gas stations. My goal is a vehicle more practical than an ICE from a logistical standpoint and I know I’m not alone.

    Please don’t assume I’m disregarding EVs with less range which have their place (cheaper, economy) but for my family car it has to have the above.

    For example I want to drive to my destination and NOT charge my car if I can avoid it. Sure it’s a luxury I suppose.




    I need range and recharge



    Effort Values have always been in the game my dude.

    Ohhhh you mean something about electric cars… My bad



    Where I live I see a lot of driveways with one Tesla and one ICE. Makes sense to me.



    That’s why Mercedes revealed their eqxx concept car, with a range of 1000+ km. They know people want range for practicality, so they have people looking for new usages of batteries and how they can combine it to what people want.



    This is where the focus has to be – developing an energy source for these vehicles that is long lasting (years before needing replacement) and can provide for a long range. Secondly, there has to be faster public charging stations as close as any gas station today. Until then, range anxiety is going to quell sales on these things except as a novelty or a social fashion statement.

    Run out of gas in an ICE vehicle – walk to a gas station, fill up a container and boom – you’re on your way home. Run out of power for an electric vehicle – and?



    EV’s are still struggling in the specific scenario you describe. They aren’t as capable performing “road trip” duties for a medium sized family. But they DO work for singles, and typical commuting.

    Personally, I would be more than ok taking a Tesla Roadster out for a cross country road trip. But I wouldn’t be ok with it for my entire family (if we could actually fit).



    400 mile range in an ev is stupid because 95% of the time you’re just lugging around a 1500lb battery to and from work and charging every night at home.

    As someone who drove a full ev for over 3 years, the answer is hybrid. A 300lb battery than can handle 95% of your daily driving on ev only and an ice engine for the occasional long trips.

    This is Toyotas long term plan and it is a good plan. All the long range pure ev cars are going to become niche vehicles because of the unnecessary expense and weight of the giant battery packs they require.



    If it doesn’t go over 250, don’t get it.



    More than that, we need far, far more EV chargers readily available, the same way you’re never far from a petrol station.

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