LPT: Go outside in the morning to get natural light. It sets your circadian rhythm for the day. You can combine this practice with a short jog, bike ride, or walk. Lateral eye movement caused by self-propelled motion is shown to reduce stress.

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    I learned this from Andrew Huberman, Ph.D., a professor at Stanford who studies how vision and our brains are interconnected.




    It’s -27F / -32C here



    Laughs in Arctic Circle.



    I do go outside in the morning. To go to work



    Andrew Huberman is revolutionary.

    Unfortunately, I live in the Northeast, where I have approximately 20 minutes to get sunlight from when it rises before I have to go into work.



    Cries in British isles



    It’s interesting this popped up today as it was the first day in years I actually got out of bed at 6am with the intention of getting out and walking the dog. Still dark sure but I was on the awake and ready to go train before any of the family even woke up. Felt really great.



    *cries in graveyard shift*



    Sunrise is after I get to work, at around 9 these days. In the summer Sunrise is at 3.30. My circadian rhythm must just adjust, we get the daylight we get…



    I just found that video of Andrew on my YouTube feed like a week ago & after that I started binge watching all his videos lol

    Very interesting channel

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 43 total)

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