LPT: Assume everyone in the comments is a 13 year old kid

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    This saves you a lot of anger. Lots of dumb comments or posts are simply youngsters messing about. People take every remark so significantly and assume a full grown grownup wrote them. So subsequent time you might be tempted to answer, you might be arguing with a 13 year old.




    This might be a moderately good tip… i realised I used to be arguing with a baby lately after they known as me a virgin as an insult.



    I do not take life professional suggestions from 13 yr olds who suppose they know the whole lot. Talk to me while you develop up.



    If you’ll be able to’t have considerate, nuanced discourse on the web the place are you able to?!?



    Oh everybody gonna study as we speak



    Plot twist: OP is 13 years outdated



    Greetings… Fellow children.



    Assume all the pieces you learn on the web is written by a 13 12 months previous child together with the information and political commentary.



    To be honest: I used to be all the time in search of a great argument with an grownup after I was 13. Soooo….. 😂



    Either bodily age or psychological age.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 25 total)

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