Joe “For my left wing people out there“ Rogan posted this on his instagram story

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    Joe “For my left wing people out there“ Rogan posted this on his instagram story




    Tell me extra about effort inequality and lazy socialists, Joe.



    I do know a socialist they usually actually mentioned actual socialism hasn’t been tried. I mentioned what about all of the examples of failed socialism they usually mentioned that it wasn’t completed correctly and that’s why it failed.



    He’s so extremely silly and that i’m glad all of us agree about that



    Joe is my 60 yr previous highschool drop out step mom.



    Paul Bunyan might drop swing a splitting maul on high of his dome and barely put a notch in that meat head’s cranium filled with shit



    I not often encounter poeple who truly assist socialism in its full type. Still, I commonly meet individuals who appear to imagine that pure capitalism is the one true method to go.

    They conveniently overlook that authorities offered companies should not capitalism. They are socially owned establishments that present public items equivalent to healthcare, training, youngster care, aged care. Also, labour unions and commerce unions try to construct collective bargaining rights for employees. This is a method to give the works the technique of manufacturing (so at the least have some say). This is why you dont work 80 hours per week in a bodily and mentally hazardous surroundings with no holidays or sick go away.

    These insurance policies which have improved the lives of lots of of tens of millions of individuals within the west are basically leftist and socialist concepts. So subsequent time whenever you blame socialism, possibly go searching you to how a lot authorities owned or different social establishments there are.

    You should not a capitalist dwelling in capitalism. You is perhaps a capitalist deluding your self that’s dwelling in a restricted capitalist system with a number of leftist, socialist or sociodemocratic establishments and laws.

    edit. I’m not saying authorities = socialism, simply making an attempt to level out the historic perspective that result in these welfare and rights reforms that stemmed from the left, socialism, democratic socialism and the labour motion.



    Socialised healthcare is superior, luv an Aussie



    Alright Grandpa, into the gulag you go.



    IF Joe had a fb hed have “school of life” or one thing in his bio

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 48 total)

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