Irregularities ?

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    Irregularities ?




    Every single one in every of you asshats who did not vote for Hillary Clinton are personally answerable for this!

    And let the Bernie Bros & Hoes bullshit responses start… 3… 2… 1…



    We dwell is a dystopian wasteland the place solely rich folks can transfer round with true freedom. America is an oligarchy, that verges on aristocracy.



    Wow. Never considered this.



    So I’m completely in your facet on this nevertheless it’s too simple to argue with / dismiss this premise I’d you might be anti-abortion…. Namely they are going to say the Supreme Court can’t pressure you to guard others from your self… however it will possibly defend “life” from you…. There isn’t any logic that can ever win them over or make them assume even the slightest bit otherwise ….



    We must reform the supreme court docket, which can take three steps.

    First, abolish the electoral faculty. Second, abolish the Senate. Third, ship each justice residence and select new ones.



    Dude is it homicide when individuals get their absorbed twin tumor eliminated? Bc it’s the identical stage of life misplaced



    Wait.. is America secretly NOT the free world? Is it.. truly a whole mess and the remainder of the world thinks America is a joke? Shocked.



    The solely means you possibly can tie these collectively is by asking the query, What choice most advantages a (choose 3 or extra), white, male, wealthy, Christian, conservative?



    How dare the courtroom rule in line with the written legal guidelines?!?!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 40 total)

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