I think we need to make this a thing and pronto!

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    I think we need to make this a thing and pronto!




    He is the Steve Irwin of the wizarding world



    I’d watch that.



    That would be an amazing show



    So basically you want what we thought *Fantastic Beasts* would be, before it got run over by the Grindelwald train: a fun magical adventure with cute animals and a charismatic guide.

    I’d love that tbh.






    omg yes!!!



    Let Luna and Rolf Scamander join him and it’s perfection. 😀



    I love the idea

    I do think the concept needs a straight man that hagrids underselling of the danger they’re in can play off of

    I humbly submit that it would be a collaboration with the ministry of magic and that a young green MoM wizard would be assigned. Think fresh out of hogwarts, maybe someone who never had hagrid as a care of magical creatures teacher and knows all the “proper” ways of doing things

    Essentially a buddy cop magical creatures show with a “villain” of a week format

    “No Hagrid, stop petting the werewolf, the local tribunal are coming to see how we’re responding to his attack of the local roosters, they don’t need a lesson in how one keeps werewolf fur soft and shiny.”



    …..have you met newt Scamander?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 43 total)

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