I made my boss over $1.5 million in commission over two years, while I made $45k/year. For Christmas he got me a $25 gift card to a movie theater chain that I would have to drive to another state to even use. When I put in my two week notice, he called legal on me while I sat in his office.

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    I worked my ass off for this man, essentially running his entire book of business for him. For Christmas he got me a $25 AMC gift card. The closest AMC theater is 1.5hrs away in another state. That pissed me off and made me start looking for other jobs. I genuinely cared about my job and the account, so I waited to accept a job offer until I had trained someone else to do my job. When the time came, I met him in his office and told him that I had accepted another job and that I was putting in my notice, but to not worry because I have someone already trained. When I told him that I had accepted a position with another company in our field but would not be doing the same thing so it wouldn’t violate my non-compete, he called our chief legal office on speaker phone while I sat there. The CLO tells me that “I cannot even mop floors at a company in our field for at least a year”. The CLO adds HR to the call and HR tells me that since I won’t be pursuing my new job, they are going to let me work 2 more weeks to make sure the handoff goes smoothly and then I will be fired for looking for other jobs.

    They asked me for more details as to what I would be doing at my new job, and I told them I wasn’t going to discuss it. After I left, the CLO of this company (who brings in $6 BILLION/year in revenue) called me randomly for the next few weeks trying to intimidate me. They even started contacting my new employer. Luckily, I don’t work for a shitty company now and the CEO got involved and told them that they would be ready to fight this in court. They stopped contacting me after that, which meant they never even planed in taking me to court. They just wanted to scare me into quitting my new job.

    Fuck companies like this. We don’t have to put up with this shit anymore.

    Edit: this was 3 years ago. I’m with the same company that I left my previous job for, and they have given me the budget to start a division of the company that directly competes with my previous employer 🤗 I still have that AMC gift card too.




    Ok well now you *have* to name them so we can shame them. Pretty please?



    You shouldn’t have notice them anything, legally they can’t do anything unless you were working with the formula of Coca Cola



    Wow, here in the UK that’s illegal in so many ways and so many levels. If you can try sue them.



    This is why you never assume that you and coworkers, management or anyone at work is your friend. Always treat working relationships as such and never put too much loyalty or trust in any company that you work for.



    Talk about a toxic relationship when their go to move is “YOU ARE NOT BREAKING UP WITH US WE ARE BREAKING UP WITH YOU AND WE’LL GO AFTER EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT”.

    I’m just sad the story doesn’t actually involve them loosing major accounts.



    After all this, next time you’re disrespected like the gift card, you should get another job and just start it, don’t even give them notice. Just no show on a Monday. After all you did for them, they made major bank on you and instead of thanking you for your effort, they tried to strong arm you.



    I had a similar experience. I’d signed a non-compete as a1099 contractor then got hired in full time. A while later I should fit and hit a job with a client of theirs. They tried to pull out the non compete.

    I pointed out that in California a non,-compete agreement is not enforceable against a non-equity partner, and that my relationship with the soon to be former employer was that of an emoloyee. Like the OP my new employer’s legal team got involved and told them to go pound sand.



    I hate the word harassment, it sounds so mild. This is abuse.



    A gift certificate for a movie theater during a pandemic….. I think he was trying to kill you off!!!!

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