High IQ from the high ground

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    High IQ from the high ground




    It was the sand



    Obi-Wan to Old-Ben.



    I wonder if the Kenobi show will be like the flashbacks in CW Arrow, where he says he was marooned for the whole time but actually he’s on the island (Tatooine) for like 30% of the time.



    I always thought of it like this. Obi Wan is basically meant to be in exile, he’s known as a hermit by Luke, so most people probably don’t even know he exists on the planet.

    The reason Luke knows? Because his uncle told him and knows himself why Obi Wan is in exile. That’s two people that know him as Kenobi. The few other people he comes into contact with knew him as Old Ben, because that’s who he told him he was, he likely never gave them a last name. So when Luke hears about him, he’s Old Ben the hermit. When he asks his uncle about him, his uncle simply fills in the last name.

    It’s not really a concern that Luke knows it, and it’s pretty unlikely for him to bring up Ben, even less for him to use the last name in conversation.



    Obi Wan was Always a step up from Anakin… even during the Vader Era



    Emperor: I think Ben and Obi-Wan are the same person

    Vader: You’re right let’s get the sonofabitch on Tatooine right now


    Written and Directed by




    You’d think he’d want to check just in case, but then you remember that it’s tatooine we’re talking about.



    Why would anybody in the Empire hear anything about Ben Kenobi, though? He’s not just living in the back end of nowhere, he’s living in the back end of that place’s back end.



    Obvious trap

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