Decompression starting in 3.2.1

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    Decompression starting in 3.2.1




    That’s what the drive home is for



    You see, the funny thing about negotiating with toddlers… 😓



    This. I work from home, and I still require this.



    Wish my wife would understand this. Nope get my ear chewed off before I take my shoes off.



    This is too hard to navigate. When my wife comes
    Home, she’s got one of two moods. One where she needs this, to be left alone to decompress and the other is she needs attention. There is no in between I can tell of



    Yeah except 1 hour becomes all night until i wake up for me. If i don’t get my shit done immediately coming home, it never will be done. If I don’t talk to you immediately after work, it will wait until tomorrow.



    Eh. Everybody is different and has different needs



    Can’t do that with a dog.



    I am happy I get home an hour before my wife, it means I get my hour and then she comes home and has her hour, I get 2 hours to just unwind.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 39 total)

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