China reports 5 new human cases of H5N6 bird flu

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    China reports 5 new human cases of H5N6 bird flu

    (*5*) +13889



    Another 5 individuals have contracted H5N6 Bird Flu, leaving 2 lifeless and three others critically sick. Four of them had identified contact with poultry. One shouldn’t be instantly clear how he was contaminated, nevertheless it did happen in the identical metropolis as one of many different circumstances.

    There continues to be no identified human to human transmission, however some alarm bells are ringing to concentrate to the scenario. However a report from the European CDC expressed concern concerning the detection of H5N6 viruses with markers for mammal adaptation. “The additional reports of transmission events to mammals, e.g. seals and a fox as well as seroepidemiological evidence of transmission to wild boar, could indicate evolutionary processes, including mammal adaptation with the possibility to acquire the ability to transmit to humans,” the report stated.



    OP Username = my response to this



    I bear in mind when i had H1N1. Now we received new ranges to this shit? Fuck me…



    Shut it down guys



    Oh my god I simply can’t anymore



    It’s been

    *One week because you checked out me*



    Well, it’s been some time since we’ve had a pandemic.



    Bro we do *not* have the time or sources for an additional fucking pandemic, I swear to **fuck**



    each headline like this will get me feeling like I did after I first examine about an obscure sickness in Wuhan. then immediately pop-up hospitals and folks being welded of their flats and that ohh shit, it is taking place. then after some time the worldwide lockdowns because it was detected and I hated being proper.

    effectively, we used to have these small outbreaks with SARs that had been contained shortly, till they weren’t (COVID-19 is a descendant of it, proper?)

    how lengthy til hen flu will get us? I’m so drained

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