Capitalism Kills.

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    Capitalism Kills.




    Or….ask why your native landowners do not promote the land for brand new improvement after they declare chapter and/or shutdown their firm. Notes: Coal Companies.



    Feels like half of society views us as egocentric for having youngsters and the opposite half we’re egocentric if we do not



    Should I antagonize Antiwork as a result of I make one third of that.



    We have to seize the technique of manufacturing and abolish personal property



    >> Ask companies why they’re paying workers low wages <<

    Because they will. And they are going to till we make them change or take it away.

    Add: Short of that, unionize. We rant about boomers ignorance. Or moderately forgetfulness: the rationale our boomer grandparents might afford a home, a automobile, and respectable work hours on a single revenue from a manufacturing facility job, is that they fought onerous for unions, joined them, and went on strikes when wanted. In a lot of these strikes they confronted nationwide guard troops and zealous poiice forces. They weren’t given a lot and we can’t both. If you a query about unionization, cease or name a neighborhood union workplace and ask them howbto begin.

    Don’t simply work union, store union. rent union, and help union.



    It’s like the government cannot get the memo, hopefully will cease buying and selling shares and get again from trip in some unspecified time in the future.



    …however questioning/blaming victims is simpler, requiring no important pondering expertise and having no penalties in any respect…



    Even if different folks cease asking these questions, we’d ask them to ourselves, due to instagram actuality, heavy advertising, and different types of maintaining with the Jones.



    Go to church and pay your tithes, Jesus will return it to you ten fold… duh

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 28 total)

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