Blood removed from a person suffering acute leukemia. This is Hyperleukocytosis.

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    Blood removed from a person suffering acute leukemia. This is Hyperleukocytosis.




    Can anyone explain why it looks like that?



    Yeah. I’m high and confused–actually I’m hungry now–wait nope. I’m good.



    This procedure is called leukapheresis.



    Three really dumb questions, so I apologies in advance.

    If you have that to this extent:

    – How likely are you to survive?
    – If you cut yourself, would it be totally white? Would it bleed differently?
    – What happens to your urine? I assume it wouldn’t filter properly?



    Screw cancer and the suffering it has caused.



    So is this pus, or is this just blood with a severe lack of red blood cells?

    Edit: Thanks to all those below for your very comprehensive explanations they were really informative.



    Stick a straw in that Capri Sun



    Acute Myelogenous Leukemia survivor here. Took lots of red blood cells to keep me going during treatment. They gave me a 15% survival probability. Luckily I was able to reach remission without a bone marrow transplant. Hit my 20 year anniversary on 12/21/21. Go me!

    Thanks for the pic. If they took any blood out of me during my treatment, I was unaware of it. Seems like they kept putting more in. Mostly platelets. Chemo was pretty rough, and my wife nearly died at the same time I was sick giving birth to our 4th child. We both made it though, and I’ve been fortunate enough to see my kids grow up. Youngest is 19 now, and we’re all doing great.

    The thing you forget is just how precious our families are and the love we share. When you’re sick and nearly dying it’s incredible the strength that you can draw from just that love. My wife kept me alive with it; I’d have died without her. Then you get well, you go back to work and pay the bills, and you start taking for granted again. It’s the lesson I try to hold onto and usually fail. Seems like it comes back late at night when the house is quiet. Hug your family.



    This is a little misleading, this isn’t what it looks like straight out of the human, they separated the RBC’s and this is what remains.
    Leukemia is such a hard way to go, I hope this patient was able to have successful treatment and more birthdays.

    Edit: patient auto corrected to an outdated racist term.

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