Biden calls Jan. 6 riot an attempted ‘coup’

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    Biden calls Jan. 6 riot an attempted ‘coup’




    Because it was.



    It was a coup though, it was an insurrection because little whittle baby Trump couldn’t admit he lost.



    Calls it as it is.



    Screw Jan. 6, can we talk about all the elected officials that tried overturning the election? No matter what the rioters did, that wouldn’t change the election. What several states tried doing could’ve.



    Some people call a spade a spade. Joe Biden calls a coup a coup.

    I call a trump supporter a racist piece of shit traitor.



    >Biden calls Jan. 6 riot an attempted ‘coup’

    It’s clear that Trump and his cronies attempted a “paper” coup. The riot was a backup plan so he could declare a national emergency. It’s going to all come out eventually.



    Biden is right, the attempted coup was an awful thing. I’m glad it was unsuccessful.



    I mean, yeah.



    *”Man Calls Thing By Name”*

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 38 total)

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