Benedict Cumberbatch is a rare example of an amazing actor from the UK that can’t quite nail an American accent from any region

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    Top 3 Offenders

    Dr Strange: Sounds like he is over emphasizes sure inflections on softer A sounds on phrases *can’t* *deal with* *what*

    Power of the Dog: I’m undecided if he was going for a fashionable regional Montana accent or making an attempt to go extra southern cowboy. Either method full miss

    Black Mass: I suppose Boston has a notoriously tough accent to nail but it surely was a dangerous sufficient try that they need to’ve simply employed one other actor. He did not have a lot of dialogue however what strains he did have he kinda mumbled by means of them




    You ought to hear him attempt to say penguin.



    It’a dangerous however it’s not Keanu Dracula dangerous



    Yes he’s distracting in these films. Just let him use his British accent. Kevin Costner barely tried in Robin hood. It can be positive. We accepted Arnold Schwarzenegger as a police officer and a US spy. Its positive.



    Wasn’t he in 12 Years A Slave too? Can’t bear in mind what his accent was like although.




    This isn’t true. His accent sounds precisely like my Lebanese buddy from New England that moved to Iowa at age 8 then attended school in Mississippi whereupon he settled down together with his spouse in Florida.



    Agreed considerably.

    I assumed his work in Power of the Dog was a marked enchancment over his earlier makes an attempt and nicely inside acceptable for the character IMO. There had been a pair slips however nothing egregious.

    All in all, an excellent efficiency, in my guide.



    Damian Lewis can do a reasonably good Ohio/Pennsylvania however I by no means for a minute thought Axe was from Long Island or wherever NYC



    I keep in mind an interview with Anthony Hopkins a few years in the past. He mentioned the simplest American accent for a British actor to do is the Deep South, as a result of that’s an English accent from 100 years in the past.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 27 total)

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