Swimming lesson

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Swimming lesson from Eyebleach

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  1. New life mission is to become a puppy swim instructor. I would dedicate my life to this job. This is maybe the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  2. Cute but those pups are way too young to be out in nature and swimming in water like this. Parvo shots alone aren’t finished until ~3 months, and puppies can easily die when this is neglected. If anything this should be a PSA for any puppy owners in this thread.

  3. Such small puppies most likely don’t have all their vaccines so this just seems incredibly stupid and irresponsible

  4. You just get to wake up and teach/guide puppies to swim?

    Good on you man. Seriously. I hope it’s going well. How brilliantly peaceful must it be – surely I’m missing something, right? Or is it really just waking up and playing with puppies all day?

    What’s it pay?

  5. Aww, such memories for me. We bred Labradors when I was a kid and we always took them out with mom to learn to swim because labs water and will often dive on in without really knowing what they’ve doing as pups and can freak out. Better to introduce them the first time with mom there to comfort them and show them the ropes. This is why you don’t want to get a pup from a breeder that is fine giving you them at 8 weeks. They need at least 10 weeks with mom. 12-14 is better.

  6. My retriever drowned until he was
    1 1/2 years cause but would just sink😂 I had to take a whole weekend dedicated to teaching him how to swim