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Supamen from HolUp

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  1. I’ve only ever seen clips of these guys on Reditt being from the UK we don’t get this show, but would love to see more of them. Am I right in saying that each one writes the script for the other to read ?

  2. My absolute FAVORITE thing on SNL is the last show of every season where Colin and Michael write jokes for each other and they’re forced to say them sight-unseen on live TV. That should be the entire show right there LOL

  3. The problem with black superman is that superman is bulletproof wich, thanks to the us police, we know black people are not…

  4. Fuck me! Michael and Colin always crack me up. I love that they’re still going strong with Weekend Update.🤣🤣

  5. /) Superman: *Becomes black*

    /) The cops: *Suddenly and unrelatedly realize that what he’s doing is illegal vigilantism*

  6. SNL could be exclusively Weekend Update bits and I would watch it without fail. These two are the best part of the show these days.

  7. The jokes would be funnier if they were accurate. Superman wasn’t ‘abandoned’ by his parents, they selflessly sent him out to another planet so he didn’t fucking die when Krypton exploded.

  8. Every stereotype is in place for a reason. It’s sad but true. But this is only true in America. At least from my travels.