Striking union members should ‘get back to work’, says Liz…

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Striking union members should ‘get back to work’, says Liz Truss

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  1. Says woman leading a government that has spent months navel gazing whilst the UK lurches from crisis to crisis, whose predecessor swanned off on multiple holidays, and whose place of work has been on recess.

    She should really get her own house in order before she speaks about others.

  2. Ok lads, I know we decided to strike due to our pay not being enough to support our families, but the lady at the top giving hand outs to the wealthy says we need to get back to work, so up you get…

  3. It’s easy, they should just get better paid jobs. That’s what benefit claimants will be doing soon.

    I don’t see the problem, if you just decide not to be poor, your quality of life will improve… Why wouldn’t you want to have a better life?


  4. She does realise that the Tories have pissed off just about everyone by now, right? She is going to be in power for two years and end 14 years of uninterrupted Tory rule by being an insufferable twat.

    We will get back to work, just give us a cost of living raise and we will be right back on it.

  5. Well yes Liz, that’s kind of the point of the strike…that they should get back to work but aren’t until they get what they are demanding.

    Someone pass that lady the crayons ffs

  6. I’m sure they would be happy to get back to work once Liz has met their demands… That is sort of how a strike works

  7. Perhaps she should encourage businesses to give workers pay rises that allow them to pay their bills.
    Strikers would then have no reason to strike.

  8. Here you go, Liz. This is your opportunity to complete your Thatcher cosplay by taking on the unions. Keep giving money to the rich while telling everyone that the problem are those people being paid a pittance for working in critical roles like public transport, education and healthcare. Then, once we’re living through managed blackouts in winter, tell the people that the problem is efficiency, and the best option is to sell off more public services in the name of free market competition.

  9. Remember at the start of the discontent when MPs were going on TV but not going to the union meetings because “we as MPs should stay out of this”.

    She either needs to get teams together and help facilitate agreements, or she needs to get in the fucking bin.

  10. “Welp, that’s it guys. She said back to work, so I guess we go back now. All our issues will have to wait because she said back to work.

    Guys?… guys? Why are you still striking? Liz said back to work.”

    How can you look at all the unions and industries joining strikes and think the best measure is to try and force people back to work? Wrong end of the stick, Liz.

  11. Sure, if you can guarantee I’ll still have a job in 12 months time. I’m in a job which is being questioned (onboard catering).

    Or my colleagues in ticket offices, guards, the guys who maintain the infrastructure.

    Or our terms & conditions, our pensions. Basically all the stuff the DfT is trying to take from us.

    Leave things as they are and give us a fair deal, no job cuts and let us get on with our jobs.

  12. Right lads the corrupt pm told us to get back to work even tho everything we’ve been striking about hasn’t been addressed

  13. Is that her power of strength. Pay them what they need, then there wouldn’t be this problem. These people don’t want to strike, they’d rather be working, but it’s this government that thinks you can just exploit people, use them as a commodity, just so the rich can get richer on the backs of hard working people.

  14. Says the privileged Peppa Pig riding off her own ego. Reminder that Liz Truss’ father disowned her because she’s just that thick.