1. I like how healthy those street dogs look, that guy takes good care of them.

  2. Rough translation: good day x3, oh who’s here. Hello everyone, hello x3. Come on in, hows everyone. Look at Peti (?) Scratching. Look at Titi and Rocky how are you. Hello Titi it was cold (?). What would you like to eat today. Come here get in line, slowly, AH you bit my finger, another bit my finger, oh (?) You fatty good bye

  3. Dog people are my favorite kind of people and this dude is king. I want to spoil him the way he spoils those puppos


  5. I would give this man ALL my business!

  6. They’re such polite doggos despite living rough

  7. White, dark, and milk chocolate😢

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    Mylaptopisburningme October 1, 2022 at 3:33 pm

    Dogs have an amazing sense of time. My last lab knew what neighbors would be out on the porch and at what time. They would give her treats.

  9. Those are some thicc street dogs 🤨

  10. We put our daughter in Spanish language classes for years. Paid through the nose and she remembers none of it. OTOH, I’m pretty sure this is *exactly* what goes on when our Honduran housekeeper is here. My dog is almost certainly bilingual and it didn’t cost me an extra dime.

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