1. I’ve had the same belt since 10th grade. 23 years. It’s from Structure, which has been Express for Men for like 20 years.

  2. That’s impressive, considering nothing from old navy never lasts me more than 2 years now

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    hungry-hungry-haole October 1, 2022 at 4:17 pm

    I bought a similar Old Navy leather belt in 1999 that lasted me around 8 years. I got rid of it because my waist grew, not because the belt gave out. I also had a pair of Old Navy jeans that were my only pair of jeans for like 5 years and got rid of them because they no longer fit. Props to OP for still fitting something from 8th grade!

  4. Mid 90s old navy use to be indestructible. I used to wear old navy jeans as a cement Mason and they held up

  5. Dang, that belt is as old as me, and it definitely has a better grip on life than I do 😝

  6. My 8th grade belt wouldn’t fit around my thigh

  7. I’ve been disappointed in not finding quality belts that last forever. If anyone has recommendations I’m open…

  8. Yes! I have the an old navy leather belt from when I was 15, too! I’m now 36. It’s lasted me through the low-rise jeans phase of the 2000s and back again. Not sure how that happened, but it’s legit!

  9. If you want high quality leather things head over to /r/leatherclassifieds its a sub for hobbiest and small business leather workers to sell their stuff. Most take commissions and you can get some super high quality stuff on there for decent prices.

  10. I have the same belt lol

  11. I have the same old navy belt! I’m at 15 years of daily use!

  12. I got the same one from 10th grade!

  13. I have the same two Levi’s belts I got from Ross 30 years ago.

  14. I have a very similar belt made the same year from the gap. Gets near daily use. Refuses to die. I think it is the same company. Super cool to see yours.

  15. No way! I have an Old Navy belt from the same era that’s still in use. Mine is black with doubled holes. Always figured I was the only lucky one.

  16. Mine lasted about 20 years before the metal pin wore through and fell off.

  17. My father still has his leather military belt that he got when he served the mandatory 1 year service when he was 18. That belt is indestructible and shows very minimum ware despite being used for over 30 years now

  18. Does it actually say it’s real leather?

    I used to think that fake leather belts didn’t last as long, but after decades of having to replace my (genuine) leather belts every few years, I accidentally bought a new belt without noticing that it had “MANMADE MATERIALS” stamped on it. I think I’ve had it almost 10 years now, and it’s holding up much better/longer than any of the genuine leather belts I ever had before it.

    EDIT: Useful Tip – **Belts labeled “GENUINE LEATHER” are the worst, cheapest kind of leather.** From what I understand, they’re actually **just thin leather scraps & flakes held together with adhesive**. Kind of like plywood or particle board, but for leather. That probably explains why mine never lasted very long.

  19. I bought one about the same time and am still using it, too.

  20. 1998 huh? Do you hang the end down over your leg?

  21. I buy a new belt every time it starts to look like shit. I think I may be in the wrong sub for clothing items.

  22. A real BIFL great!

  23. Congrats on not getting fat.

  24. Dude, same. Old Navy belt from 2009 still going strong

  25. Old Navy’s original concept was bring the military surplus store to malls. So, in the early days, they had tons of boring basics but better-than-average quality.

    It’s only in the last 8-10 years they transitioned to crap quality

  26. Aren’t we lucky, that we had our entire high school and most of college without social media! We had the internet and cell phones, all the convenience non of the drama.

  27. Old Navy early 2000s was the good quality stuff. I have a black denim jacket that’s still in amazing shape bought in 2002. Today, while their clothing is super cheap, the materials used just gets thinner and thinner. Their “denim” today is mostly polyester now. Miss that crunchy denim feel until you break it in (like Levi’s).

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    Tunasaladboatcaptain October 1, 2022 at 4:17 pm

    Nice to see a belt that isn’t one of those flip side two colored belts.

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    Specialist_Gate_9081 October 1, 2022 at 4:17 pm

    My husband still wears his fossil belt from high school

  30. I have two jackets and a baseball shirt, probably 25 years old, all still in good shape. Excellent quality back then

  31. My dumb ass thought it was a navy colored belt…

  32. I’m still wearing my 90s leather belt from express..indestructible!

  33. This sub sure does love its belts, seems like the most frequent item to get a shout-out by quite a bit.

  34. Oh, so you don’t go to old navy for the stretchy jeans then….

  35. Is Vaseline good for keeping leather in care?

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