‘Starship Troopers’ at 25: Paul Verhoeven’s 1997 Sci-Fi…

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+3172 – ‘Starship Troopers’ at 25: Paul Verhoeven’s 1997 Sci-Fi Classic Is Satire at Its Best

2022-08-06 14:25:59

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  1. What a classic. When this came out 13 year old me convinced my animal obsessed, Very sweet and naïve Japanese grandmother to take me to see it in theaters because there was a bunch of “animals” in it. She kept a worried and exasperated face on her most of the movie while every once and a while I’d say, “grandma, look how cool these animals look!”

    She was a champ. I was a teenaged brat. One of My favorite memories with her.

  2. Mobile infantry made me the man i am today!

    *Spins chair around, missing almost every limb on his body.*

  3. In some ways it’s almost too successful. This movie is so on point that you can easily watch it as a straight-up action movie, ignore all social commentary or satire, and it still kicks fucking ass. 13 year old me thought this was the most badass movie I’d ever seen. 35 year old me recognizes it as incredibly amusing satire couched in what is still an incredibly badass package. This movie rules.

    Edit: since this is spurring lively discussion, just want to mention another thing. Remember that trailer? The one with Blur “Song 2 (Woo-Hoo)” Got me as hyped for the movie as I’d ever been at that age. That song still gets me amped and will forever be associated with this movie.

    And then the tits. And the gore. A truly seminal cinematic experience for me at that age.

    “I’m from Buenos Aires, and I say *kill ‘em all!*”

    Edit2: https://youtu.be/Yh8qd0VKPAE

  4. goddamn, do I *yearn* for an ultra-violent sci-fi satire. Verhoeven pretty much made it his own genre since he’s arguably the best at it, but I’d love for more directors to take a crack at it

  5. I go to Rifftrax movies with my dad. I went to the Rifftrax debut of this movie with my dad. He walked out confused: “You know, that movie wasn’t very bad.”

  6. I like this movie because if you want to watch it for the satire it excels

    if you want to watch it because of alien bugs and action it excels

    still has some of the best CGI of its time

  7. I can’t think of another example where a movie took most elements of a book but completely went another way, while not sucking. Both are amazing and worth the time investment.

  8. I just watched this last night with my wife and her immediate response was “we have to stop watching feel bad movies”

    I forgot how biting the end of this movie is.

  9. Never seem the DVD. commentary on this, but have on*Robocop* and Verhoven is operating at a whole other level. While on the outside it just seems like a straight up action film, there is so much symbolism and little details he added that it’s almost a straight up art film.

    Just off the top of my head I can think of two things he mentioned, one that when Murphy (Peter Weller) dies, he does so in a Christ like poise because he is going to be resurrected. The other was that he cast Kurtwood Smith as the villain because he showed up to his audition wearing glasses. Verhoven said he remembered back when he was a kid in Nazi occupied Holland and how the Nazis who were the must brutal and evil always looked the most harmless and normal. He also said they always wore thin, rim wire glasses. He said Smith looked like them: perfectly harmless and wearing glasses. He said he loved thst about him and how he could just turn into this vicious character, which made him perfect. He them had wardrobe find a pair of rim wire glasses like the ones he referred to and are the ones he wears.

    By the way, the commentary was recorded for the Criterion Collection release of the film. If you are not familiar, the Criterion Collection is a foundation that archives movies it determines to be masterpieces of cinema. It usually obtains the rights to films, restores them and create a bunch of extra features (documentaries, commentary from the director, film experts, stars, etc) and puts out a special edition. It’s releases are highly collectivel, the *Robocop* DVD for example is now worth several hundred dollars.

    In the liner notes of the DVD, there is an essay about the film by the late Roger Ebert where he says what makes Verhoven a great director when it comes to movies set in the US is that he is both terrified and fascinated by US culture and has always been able to capture that on screen.

  10. A few months ago, I was asked what my top ten favorite movies were, and Starship Troopers was on that list 4 times.

  11. These types of posts are so annoying to me, just post about a movie if you want to talk about it, why do they all have to have the same algorithm headline and have to coincide with some random anniversary?

  12. I feel like most of Verhoeven’s films are subject to this effect where they aren’t super loved when they come out but really hold up well when looked at in a different lens down the road. I remember loving ST when it came out but my friends were all hardcore sci-fi people who loved the book and despised the movie.

  13. The moment I knew that it was a masterwork is at the end when the slogan’s to “Keep Fighting! And they’ll win!” came up and the whole theater broke into loud cheers.

    I just thought, “Oh… so fascist propaganda would still work today.”

  14. It’s a fanatic movie, but I feel like “satire at its best” might be exaggerating the point. It’s not even the best satire Paul Verhoevwn did. That’s Robocop. Starship Troopers is too scattershot. What is it satirizing? Fascism, Imperialism, Nationalism, the military industrial complex, short sighted REMFs. It’s all over the damn place.

  15. My friend was dating an honest-to-god Swedish underwear model, and asked me if I wanted to go on a double-date with him, his girl and one of the girls who she lived with (yes, also a Swedish underwear model). We started off with a few drinks, had dinner, things were going well. Then we walked over to the cinema, and decided to watch this new film that had just arrived: Starship Troopers.

    Cue two hours of me laughing at all the brilliant comedy… Except I was the only one laughing. The girl I was with looked at me like I was a total psychopath and after the movie quickly excused herself. Needless to say, I never got to see her underwear irl.