Starlink Speeds Drop Significantly in the US Amid Congestion…

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Starlink Speeds Drop Significantly in the US Amid Congestion Woes – Median download speeds for Starlink users in the US reached only 62.53Mbps during the second quarter, a significant decrease from 90.55Mbps in Q1, according to Ookla.

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  1. I’ve been using Starlink since March 2021 and it’s frustrating watching the service deteriorate. It’s not just that it’s slower overall, but it gets *really* slow in the evenings, often under 10 Mbps. It gets bad enough I can’t reliably watch a single TV show.

    It seems Starlink has just oversold their capacity. Previous Ookla data about speeds coupled with uncertainty of how they would ever have enough capacity is part of [Starlink losing a $850M FCC subsidy](

  2. Now let’s talk about the other US ISP’s. We’ve given them *billions* of dollars of subsidy and they still have less affordable internet offerings than Starlink. They still have not built out gigabit internet to end users like they were supposed to with the subsidy money.

  3. I’ve been telling people this for ages and getting downvoted. It’s all about contention areas, and they’ve only just started launching starlink satellites that even have the hardware for meshing (it doesn’t work yet though).

    Starlink, if they let everyone on that has been waiting years after their down payment, would just be hughesnet with way more space junk. They can launch all the satellites they want, it’s really not going to change anything except making ground based astronomy impossible.

  4. I was like the second person in Nebraska to get starlink. Feb 2021, had 300+ download speeds and 50+ up.

    Now I get 35 down on a good day. Fuck starlink.

  5. This is the elon model. Start by making something quality that’s decently affordable and then raise the price astronomically and make it shit once everyone is already signed up.

    PayPal and tesla followed the same model.

  6. At this point I’m willing to subscribe just because I’d rather give my money to anyone except Xfinity / Comcast

  7. The same problem exists with fiber. Sure you’ve got crazy bandwidth thru the glass, but when you get to the local switching center, unless they spent a LOT of capital on fiber-linked or cutting edge GigE routers, you’re back to Ethernet. A 10-Gigabit Ethernet port connection can only handle… are we paying attention? … TEN GIGABITS PER SECOND on a half-decent enterprise router.

    That’s great if you’re the only customer. But if they signed up everyone and their mother in the region, you’re all sharing those connections at the CO. And that’s a potential bottleneck.

  8. Ohhhh, the Ookla speed test owned by Comcast, Starlink’s competitor? That’s so weird, how could that happen?

    Side note, what about all the people paying for their “up to” speeds who receieve half or a quarter of that from Comcast?