Stanford researchers find wildfire smoke is unraveling…

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Stanford researchers find wildfire smoke is unraveling decades of air quality gains, exposing millions of Americans to extreme pollution levels

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  1. Wild fire smoke is the worst! It blankets areas 1000 of miles away from the actual fire, and fills my sinuses with unbearable air

  2. About four years ago there was a major wildfire nearby. Since then I’ve kept a supply of activated charcoal furnace filters handy. Used one a couple weeks ago.

  3. > Together, these advances mean the Stanford model can help researchers better understand societal impacts from wildfire smoke pollution, including severe smoke events, which are becoming more common as climate change extends wildfire season, accelerates fire frequency, and expands burn areas.

    Every time I read findings like this, I can’t help but wonder, why don’t we just [curb climate change]( We [generally agree]( it’s what we need to do.

  4. An initiative to improve properties for fire safety wouldn’t be bad to do. Sometimes people want to make improvements but don’t have the money. Aside from that, they could create fire breaks on federal land.

  5. In western WA state you cant even go outside because the air quality is so bad from the fires that spending any extended time outside is comparable to smoking unfiltered cigarettes. My sons school kept them inside all week to avoid the air.

  6. And meanwhile China burns more coal than half the world, electric vehicles cost like $60,000 and the only people can afford them don’t get a tax break to incentivize them to. But keep on fighting climate change!

  7. Yet we won’t fight fires anymore, we just tend them until they are huge. Many fires in my area, I watch plenty of them, they set a 50,000 acre perimeter and wait for the 49,000 acres to burn.

  8. It’s astonishing every state doesn’t up their forest management and wildfire fighting budgets. We need to better manage forests and be able to respond with A LOT of man power when they happen, but we can’t, ever. It’s probably only going to get worse and we are losing a lot of valuable resources but gov just pretends the fires don’t exist until they are raging out of control.

  9. Capitalism is destroying the planet and its people. It only cares about profits and shareholder value. It’s unsustainable and literally killing us.

  10. Long time mismanagement of the forests causing a lot of dead and down fuels as well as beetle kill adding to the fuel loads causing mega fires. Also the “10am” policy that was established in the mid 1900s in response to the Mann Gulch fire. Fires are a natural part of nature and the landscape and have many beneficial effects but when you have the added fuels which cause the mega fires.

  11. It turns out when you choose to have no vegetation management fires they are thrust upon you. We’ve been doing that here in California for fifty years due to the clean air rules.

  12. I have many wonderful memories of my years on the West Coast. It is among the most beautiful regions on our planet. But the risks of fire & dearth of water take it out of the running as a viable place to safely raise a family.