1. They can still be usable if plugged in to a PC.

  2. Plug it in with USBC and its a great pc controller

  3. Such a waste I almost bought a stadia just for the controller when they were on sale for like $20 but found out the controller is basically useless for anything other than stadia so I passed on it

  4. I only have one of these controllers because I got it for free. I don’t know what promotion it was but it came with a Chromecast and a Stadia Controller. I do hope they will release a Bluetooth update if the controller has the hardware.

  5. It works just fine with a USB cable, but frankly, I’m not sure why anyone would use it over the countless other options. It feels incredibly cheap and the layout is hardly unique.

  6. Google won’t do squat.

  7. It’s not could, it WILL become e-waste.

  8. Does it have bluetooth tech built into the controller? If not i don’t think any update would help.

  9. They are already e-waste.

  10. i thought you could use it as a normal controller already? Granted if it doesnt have gyro i dont care

  11. Google loves making ewaste though.

  12. Oh no! All 12 stadia controllers are going to become e-waste? Have you ever heard of a company called Apple? Report on that!

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