Squidward Shuriken: +10 damage, +10 Squidward

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+4154 – Squidward Shuriken: +10 damage, +10 Squidward

2022-08-05 13:47:47

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552 shares, 837 points


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  1. Has a low change of summoning sexy squidward
    Sexy squidward will heal and revive every pet and player character and has 50/50 change of insta killing every enemy if he didnt managed to kill every enemy he will make them friendly to player and hostile to anyone coming near squidward

  2. Im sorry but im getting mad over these stats,
    +10 damage added to what? Is there a standard option for a shuriken? Is it for the standard throwable? Giving just the damage would make more sense
    +10 squidward while making more sense is literally wrong theres not that much squidwards (even if we count heads)