Sports day done right.

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+15333 – Sports day done right.

2022-06-21 12:40:26

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  1. Who does an article about that? lol

    I get that someone makes a post on social media, but an actual writer made an article about this….

  2. Quick! She looks like she’s really embarrassed about it! Make an article about it for everyone to see!

  3. I feel for this woman. Trying be present and involved and the best mum she could be for her kid… I doubt she’ll fall for that again.

  4. My god, what a nightmare society we live in. There used to be a time where you could humiliate yourself within one time frame and one location. Now, whenever something embarrassing happens to you, you’ve got to deal with it being plastered all around the internet in both photo and video format.

  5. That kid is gonna get a lot of shit from his classmates. “How’s your mom, Tommy? Still bent over like I left her?”

  6. I remember seeing funny small stories like this before social media was a thing and I would just always think to myself “who called the news?”

  7. Wow that’s terrible… Are there any other pictures taken from a different angle to get a full scope of her embarrassing fall?

  8. OMG, so mortifying. She will be playing this day out on her death bed. And it’s not like they’ll be able to convince her it wasn’t as bad as she thinks. There’s photographic evidence. Girl was showing her money maker.

  9. I was at a Cleveland Indians game a couple years ago and they had a fun event planned between the game and the fireworks show. Had people doing fun games like dizzy bat race and throwing a baseball through tires and guessing your throwing speed. One of the contestants was a woman in a tube top. I’m sure you can guess where this is going. On the jumbotron it was her turn to do the dizzy bat run. She spun around, started running, and…boobs. GIANT SCREEN live video of her boobs. Poor camera guy didn’t know what to do…he tried to look away but she face planted down where he aimed the camera.

  10. Why doesn’t this kind of stuff happen at my kids school!? It would definitely make it better 😏

  11. Well that kids moving states and changing their name.

    And by the looks of it the rest of the school needs therapy