Splinter Cell remake to rewrite the game’s story for a new a…

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Splinter Cell remake to rewrite the game’s story for a new audience

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  1. Why couldn’t they just have made a new splinter cell? Nobody asked for or wanted the original story to be rewritten.

  2. “what IPs do we have? oh right, Splinter Cell… but let’s make it an open world survival game like Fortnite…. cause Fortnite is HUGE with the kids these days. let’s have dancing Sam Fisher doing the floss and everything – that’s what people want!!”
    – ubisoft exec probably

  3. There’s so many ways they could go with Splinter Cell it’s been absent a whole generation so I think the reboot is justified. Really think they need Ironside back least for the first.

  4. Current conflict zones aren’t the same as they were 20 years ago and all the political fiction without the context of 2002 would just seem like nonsense.

  5. 20 year old Sam Fisher voiced by Timothy Chalamet. You have to covertly deal with the rising threat of Russian nuclear devastation while also trying to finish your communications degree and increasing fame on TikTok.

  6. the original story is super relevant to todays world though. Cyber criminal targeting western infrastructure to distract from a fascist leader attacking a neighboring country? Just give us a prettier game with the combat and stealth systems from Blacklist. No need to change the story!

  7. Sam joins the IRS to help irradicate the MAGA domestic terrorists, complete with side quests to help ANTIFA protect kid-friendly drag shows and Planned Parenthood clinics from gun-toting rednecks. This is going to be awesome!


  8. Well, you’d have to. The originals were based on a post-9/11 America with the borne films being a big part of pop culture military media at the time. It would need to be modernised. Not really with the characters, but more the attitudes, histories and set ups.

  9. What audience? if your making splinter cell your audience should be the people who know what splinter cell is. this is exactly why games are dying because you change what was good for everyone into a niche Product.

  10. Sam Fisher is now Samantha Fisher, a non binary BIPOC that identifies as a sea wolf. Xe saves the world by secretly deleting microaggressions on Twitter /s

    In all seriousness, my guess is that this just means the villains won’t be middle eastern terrorist organizations

  11. I don’t know what tf is going on with these comments so far, but as long as the game is a legitimate splinter cell entry and not generic action game disappointment like blacklist was I’d be happy. Hell, just remake the first game with chaos theory’s gameplay and I’d be 100 percent hyped

  12. I do love reading the outrage in the comments of posts like this lol.

    I give it…maybe another hour until comments are locked?