1. I want to move to Spain so bad. This might just do it for me.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this thing since it got first announced in like 2021. It’s been delayed like 5 times now 😭

  3. Remind me in 365 days

  4. Spaniard living in Spain now.

    Taxes are horrible, especially for the self-employed. Our IRS, aka Hacienda, is one of the most sophisticated institutions in the world. They use top tech and hire really smart people to control everyone’s finance. They’re seen as a reference by many countries in the world. Public funds are then poorly managed. The worst part, however, is their tyrannical power over taxpayers.

    Tax agents at Hacienda receive juicy bounties to pursue and extort wealthy taxpayers and make them pay as much as possible. If they notice any irregularities, they wait for 4 years, and right before the alleged fault is about to expire, they fine you and you have to pay interests for the 4 previous years. They assume you’re guilty, and you have to prove your innocence. They can even make your name public in a list of debtors, thus ruining your reputation before you even have a chance to defend yourself.

    I’m leaving Spain in 2023, btw.

  5. 15% tax isn’t too bad but it’s not 0%.

  6. They have been ‘planning’ this for the past two years. Might as well pull their finger out and just do it.

  7. These are always way worse than just tourist visa hopping right? Like the only draw is being able to stay in one place for a long time which is, you know, not very nomadic right?

  8. That’s ridiculous, 15% on top of country taxes paid.

    I’ll take my money to another 0% tax visa

  9. Def one of the spots I want to head to if I pick up a career for this lifestyle down the line

  10. The tax – is that on top of what you already have to pay in your home country? What about duo taxation? Does it lead to permanent residency?

  11. Aren’t the taxes ridiculously high in Spain? 🥹

  12. Lol. Bali rubbing their hands right now, waiting to get rid of the Nomad parasites

  13. Could this apply to people who can get citizenship after 1 year due to ancestry?

  14. Planning is nice but can we get this finished? Thx

  15. Estonia has e-residency as well. It may not be as good as Spain’s visa, but could still be worth a look.

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