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  1. I don’t know why, but I absolutely love hearing “my wife’s boyfriend” as the subject of a sentence. Just cracks me up, every time.

  2. Y’all this is very clearly a shitpost, people here taking it seriously is honestly kinda embarrassing. Even the exact title is a meme; [here’s a post with the same title from seven years ago](, and if you google it there’s a bunch more results. I guess now we’re just treating obvious bait as if it’s serious in order to feel better about ourselves?

  3. I don’t get how so many people think “my wife’s boyfriend” isn’t a joke, like to me it’s obvious that it is a joke, that phrase has been memed to death already so they’re using it in an ironic way

  4. Nobody seems to mention that the core of this joke is the Millennial Man meme, or just the stereotypes people use to make fun of millennials and how cringe they are sometimes. it kinda rolls several common stereotype jokes into this ridiculous character who is the most millennial man on the planet. I think the humor of “my wifes boyfriend” thing is also more from the absurdity of the that title and the life that this character lives, a childlike 30 something millennial man who happily spends his days catching up on new marvel shows, playing zelda on switch, or organizing the new additions to his funko pop collection, all while being supported by his wife and her boyfriend, who are essentially just his parents. the joke isn’t really making fun of cuckoldry of poly folks, its making fun of idea that the wife and the boyfriend are essentially just his parents and he’s just this comically immature but also happy man

  5. Why does it seem like this comment section is full of people who’ve never seen the wife’s boyfriend meme and get offended because somehow this is making fun of poly people?

  6. Wife and her boyfriend should marry and adopt him as their child. Boyfriend is father material for this young man

  7. I often joke around with my wife’s boyfriend that he should buy me a switch. Given that he’s not tuned into meme culture, he has no idea why this is funny. So far he hasn’t bought me a switch.

    For the record, my wife and I are *very* separated, but just haven’t taken the time to divorce, because we both hate paperwork and we’re just used to managing finances as a couple. Basically we’re way better friends than we were spouses. Her boyfriend is pure awesome and a great guy. I’m happy for both of them.

  8. Off topic but can someone explain the appeal of the steam deck to me? I get that playing PC games on a mobile device is cool, but the games I see people talking about always make me think “I’d hate to play that on a mobile screen without a mouse and keyboard”