‘Sonic the Hedgehog 3’ Sets December 20, 2024 Release Date

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682 shares, 850 points


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  1. Sonic and >!Shadow!< saving the earth before Christmas. They better use the songs from the games.

  2. Gotta say kudos to Ben Schwartz, in just a few years dude went from that guy on Parks and Rec to a well known name , good for him.

  3. i dont get why they announce these things so far in advanced when they know how much things can change in that time

  4. It’s weird how the Sonic movie went from being the butt of the joke and an impending box office flop to successful franchise. Redoing the CGI in the first film was a pretty good move in hindsight.

  5. They know it’s a great franchise, that’s why it’s releasing in time for Christmas vacation. Paramount+ needs sonic

  6. I can’t wait until 8 months after this movie comes out when they release Sonic and Knuckles and we get to combine them into one movie called Sonic 3 and Knuckles using lock-on technology.

  7. I can’t believe that the internet bullied a whole ass studio into redoing the design of this character and form it a trilogy was born. Incredible. The polar opposite of Morbius

  8. If they dont put the game music in, they’re really holding these movies back.

    Theyre fun kids movies but the only thing that theyre missing to catch the parents is the music.

    Number 2 had the ringtone but cmon man. They had soooo many opportunities to put even reorchestrated boss music etc.

  9. Fun fact: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle released in December 20, 2001. This movie is also set to release on December 20 and judging by that Sonic 2 post credits scene, I don’t think this is a coincidence.

  10. So on that day, I could either be watching peak cinema… or I could be watching Avatar 3? I think this is an easy choice.

  11. Please gave fat eggman! Make eggman engourge himself due to depression and being on a mushroom plabet for almost a year!! Steal my idea please (then put me in credits)

  12. Actually just watched them both, 1 was insanely boring but I loved 2 for the most part. They need to cut down on the human subplots and focus more on the Sonic characters now.

  13. What’s with all these movies lately promoting their shit 1 or 2 years out. Like did I miss something? Is this because of the MCU phases or what’s up?

  14. My only question is why the thumbnail has Smurfs? Like are they doing a crossover? Did the journalistic AI decide it wanted blue characters? Is Sonic going to fight them?

  15. The amount of 1 day old reddit accounts posting their praise for this movie in this thread is extremely concerning.

  16. I just hope they play the underwater dying music if/when Sonic has to do another underwater scene. They really missed the opportunity in Sonic 2.

  17. You either die a hero…or the franchise lives long enough to see itself become a joke.

    The first was a surprise and heard good things about the sequel. The law of making money means they had to make another one.

  18. How’s the time for a lot of gaming franchises to start looking into being the MCU to Comic books equivalence of video games

  19. I liked the Sonic movies. It’s a shame Jim Carey won’t be in them anymore he was one of the best parts