Some People REALLY Dislike Joey

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  1. Are/were people seriously upset about Joey saying an anime was ‘mid’ in his opinion? I always thought we were just memeing this, and no one was serious.

  2. It’s almost like people taking his opinions too seriously is why he doesn’t want to engage with the anime community anymore 🤔

  3. We need netflix to sponsor joey on watching arcane s2 whenever it comes out. So he will be obligated to watch the season 1, lol.

  4. Tbh, the man’s job for the last few years is anime. Let him be at peace with himself and his trash tastes. It’s ok to be Ani”mid” Man at times. The man’s one f+cking guy who says his opinion. Let it go…

  5. Let’s see when they talk about it on the podcast. I can totally see Conner and Garnt fanboying over Edgerunners while Joey in the corner comes in with a take just to make a contradiction even though he likes the show and come off as calling “mid”. And then we make fun of the Joey haters.![img](emote|t5_2p976a|4964)

  6. I’m not sure who this meme is making fun of, is there anyone on the subreddit who said this?

    Everyone has seen Joey’s tweet saying the anime is just as excellent as the first few episodes so why would they think he’d call it ‘mid’?

    Is this just a subreddit drama post? If so that’s sad because some really good edits were posted to the sub and they’re sitting on low scores compared to this.

  7. I think its people trying to be funny but seeming like a bit of an ass in the attempt I like all 3 of the boys equally

  8. I refuse to watch the anime because of how horrible the launch of Cyberpunk was. I’ve seen people enjoy the game and the anime looks genuinley amazing, but it still doesn’t excuse the mess CD:PR made