Solidarity with our brothers and sisters at r/exmuslim,…

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Solidarity with our brothers and sisters at r/exmuslim, who’ve counted r/exmormon as friends to their sub for over a decade. Such courage in the streets of Iran.

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682 shares, 850 points


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  1. Doesn’t matter the religion, it’s the same old story. Women have to cover up because the sight of them is too much for men. All a load of bullshit.

  2. There’s a lot in common between Mormons and Muslims. Both religions were started by pedophile con artists. Much love to my ex Muslim brothers and sisters.

  3. I wish no harm to muslims as people unless they wish harm to others. But I full well wish that the organization itself comes crashing down just as I wish the same for TSCC.

    Way to go. Glad to see people standing up for what is truly right. Freedom.

  4. Apparently this is old, and now I’m curious to look into it and find out what became of this. Does anyone know? Has there been progress in this movement? Or were they silenced into oppression once again? I hope things have begun to change and I’m embarrassed that I didn’t know more about this. There has been so much happening in the world outside my little bubble. Having my shelf shatter actually woke me up to the desire to learn and participate more fully in the world in which I live, instead of just trying to get through this life and get to a better one.

    Peace, sisters. I can’t imagine having to fight for such a basic right as wearing my hair uncovered. You are incredibly brave. 💜

  5. I wouldn’t want to encourage this dangerous behaviour but I definitely have respect and admiration for those partaking in it.

  6. Every single one of these women have more huevos than I do. I don’t know if I would have the courage to stand up to a theocracy that feels like they’re within their rights to kill me for but wearing a cloth over my face.

  7. I applaud these women and their courage. One can only hope this it’s the start of something that overthrows the theocracy in Iran.