Slick using mizkif’s account to message another girl

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Slick using mizkif’s account to message another girl

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  1. I feel like a few years ago until kind of recently there was sort of a common narrative about Slick being a weirdo. Then there was this attempt to normalize his reputation and he seemed to be everywhere.

    He was always kind of a creep. And Miz needs to do a lot better job about the type of people he surrounds himself with. When you have to evict two roomates in the span of a year and a half because of some truly vile behavior, it might be time for some introspection.

  2. I never liked Slick’s character or how he appeared on OTK streams during the past year. He seemed fishy then and this whole reveal about his behaviour is not surprising at all.

  3. Alinity confirmed this live over a year ago. She asked Miz what the crazy messages were and he said it was slick.

  4. Is funny how today threads are just full of comments defending Mizkif, basically saying the same word for word like theyre bots. Mizkif knew about this shit long time ago and thats it, he didnt do nothing to stop it and is time for his fans to stop pretending like hes the dumbest person on earth that apparently knew nothing about Slick

  5. slick always pissed me off to the point where i’d leave the stream if he was doing more than sitting in the background.

  6. Mizkif deserves to be crucified. I find it hard to believe 2 socially immoral best friends such as Mizkif and Slick never talked about the shit he does, they are the stereotype of boys club, with all the dets out I cant fathom there not being conversations, plus the fact Mizkif defending or downplaying literally everything, so he knew and in the end he enabled a sexual predator to thrive under his roof.

  7. People are still going to say miz is not to blame because it was Slick using his account. They won’t accept it was his fault for giving everyone access to his computer, and somehow didn’t know he did so many bad things for years…

  8. We don’t accept my brother posted that in ban appeals so why does anyone not believe that miz is also sending these messages out

  9. Wasn’t it on stream some time ago when Miz found sussy messages that he didn’t write on his dm’s to other people? Though I forgot if it was saying sexual stuff or just jokes, and he played it off