SJW is when people are black.

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+4114 – SJW is when people are black.

2022-08-06 05:43:57

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  1. by their logic only the white british fought for the UK in WW1. forget the indians and africans which were a pivotal force yeah, only white british!

  2. Why is it that the only “argument” republicans have is claiming virtues are weaknesses?

    “Lol, woke culture” -awareness is weak

    “Pfft. Social justice” -justice is weak

    “These damn bleeding hearts” -compassion is weak

    “Critical race theory is evil” -learning about and from our own mistakes is weak

    “The homosexuals are poisoning our children with their existence” -acceptance of oneself for what he/she/they are is weak.

    “Them liberals are coming to take our guns!” -not letting inbred, 65 IQ undereducated dipshits run around with unaddressed mental health issues, blue balls, and unfettered access to firearms is weak. Not wanting your children to die in school is weak.

    But, does anybody remember how those supposedly “strong” men with guns rushed in to save children at Uvalde? That must be the type of strength they prefer.

  3. If you guys are interested there was a unit of Black Americans that fought under the french in ww1. Lookup the Harlem hell-fighters, they fought in ww1 before any white American did.

  4. Black people don’t exist. They’re only SJW propaganda! I know this because I is very smart 🙂
    (God help those dumb fucking morons)

  5. This character is literally on the Harlem Hellfighters which were a group of African American soldiers in WWI. It would be historically inaccurate and disrespectful as fuck to change it.

    Not like sending a group of African American soldiers into the jaws of hell was respectful in itself… but you get what I’m saying

    Edit: Harlem hellfighters were in WWI, not WWII. Typo

  6. These are the same assholes who whine “CRT”, teaching any sort of history, or “muh heritage”.

  7. Didn’t you know ? Being black is inherently political. Actually being anything else than a white straight man is political !!

  8. “Tanks during the vittorio offensive? Sure”

    “Everyone and their mom has a mondragon or MP-18? Yea why not”

    “Americans deploying armored trains and large zeppelins? Works for me”


  9. i never get why people got so upset over “historical inaccuracies” in the multiplayer, a game mode intended to be inaccurate to history

  10. While it is true that black people were not seen much in American divisions. A fair number of colored people did make up the French army. Denying their existence and their sacrifices would be ignorant and disrespectful.

    Edit: looking at the video rn. How does replacing helmets with hats, removing scarfs, masks, and changing the color of leather supposed to own the libs? Like aside from the blatant erasure most of this is just the dude removing face coverings and shit.

  11. There where black soldiers that fought for allied countries in ww1 on the European fronts
    Accept for Germany. Not because of any moral reason Germany just lost pretty much all its colonies really quickly in the war. There was german east Africa that they didn’t lose however it was heavily fought over so I think they weren’t able to sent troopos from there because of that.
    My memory on this is bad

  12. As I dislike the title of the video I gotta admit I liked some changes to the classes in the game. I really wanted to play asa Germán with a pickelhaube

  13. Serious question: “Where there black German soldiers in WWI?” Because given what we know about the German army in the WWII, this seems like ridiculous fantasy to many people.

  14. reminds me of when people got mad about seeing a sikh solider in the movie 1917. NEWS FLASH DUMBASSES, PEOPLE OF COLOR DIDN’T POP INTO EXISTANCE IN THE 90S

  15. Weird, i though 5 was the “woke” one. Which is kind of whatever, but amputee woman in a video game about ww2 did seem kind of silly to me. Go figure

  16. Fun fact you all already knew: The tutorial of the game follows the Harlem Hellfighters, an all black unit influential in the Argonne offensive