Sikh Golden Temple (in India) feeds 50k-100k people DAILY…

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Sikh Golden Temple (in India) feeds 50k-100k people DAILY for FREE regardless of religion/caste/social status. from Damnthatsinteresting

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  1. Any Sikh Temple anywhere in the world will feed you for free. They have a meal after every service and everyone is welcome, free of charge. It’s called langar…a community kitchen.

  2. Not just that, the people who help make this marvel happen everyday.. they are volunteers and everyone and anyone can volunteer there.

    Moreover, the volunteering isn’t just related to cooking but the whole
    Golden Temple is managed and maintained by such volunteers throughout the year. If anyone ever gets a chance to visit the place, they will certainly be astonished by the systematic and almost clockwork management there. And, the most brilliant part.. even though it’s all extremely systematic, just observing the volunteers do their part will never feel monotonous because each one is performing their duties out of such enormous pride and reverence that it never feels like these people are just a cog in a machine.

    People from all regions, religions, caste, colour, creed or race come here just to volunteer. Each one imparting his work as a sort of donation in the feet of the almighty because to serve others is to serve The God.

  3. We have a Sikh temple in my neighborhood and I love how they designed it so that their entry into the temple is basically flush with the city sidewalk almost entirely around the building. It just shouts “welcome to all”!

  4. Does anyone know why Sihks are so nice?

    We have them in the UK and they are always very generous. They are like everyones favorite migrant (that and the turkish dude who opens a kebab shop until 3am)

  5. I’m pretty sure The Golden Temple is their most holy site and they welcome and feed everyone. The doors are designed to where it opens on all four sides (or something to that effect)…basically saying all are welcome here.
    They are the most selfless people but they are also badass with their own Martial Art “Gatka”. I’m not religious, but if I was or was remotely near a gurdwara I would study Sikhism.

    Sat sri Akal to any Sikhs out there.

  6. As a foreigner I had the opportunity to experience this near the Golden Temple, but it was more streamlined in a much larger space than what the video shows. I had bread and cooked green lentils. I admit it was very bland compared to other Indian cuisine in the area, but in a way tasted so pure and natural.

    Amritsar had the biggest impact on me as a world traveler, I’d like to go back one day.

  7. Everyone should have access to human basic needs. Food, water, clothing and shelter should be available to anyone that needs it. I would hope my taxes goes towards helping the needy. We can all be in need of help at some point.

  8. It’s because they have sooooo many volunteers. Many Sikhs travel a long way to get to the temple only to give back to the community. It’s why I love the religion (if you can call it that) cause it’s very practical based rather than blindly following gods and such.

  9. Honestly. Some of the greatest most beautifully genuine and kind folks ive ever met are sikh. They are honour-bound to help those in need. If you are ever in trouble… look for the turbin. They will help you within their power to do so.

  10. Every Sikh I’ve ever Nat has been awesome. Like, better-than-me awesome. And they make such good food. Take care of your Sikh friends, people.

  11. If anyones is interested in learning more on how this all works, a while back a class of students from the USA went on a foreign exchange program to the Golden Temple and made a documentary. They share there experiences and the logistics involved go have a Free kitchen this size operational.

  12. Amazing to feed this many people!
    Makes me ashamed of our pathetic attempt to “feed’ our people in the states. Sag nasty bag lunch. Nothing more.

  13. It is awe inspiring to see what cooperating humans can accomplish. Unfortunately, the inverse is true as well. This , however, was interesting and uplifting .

  14. A a sikh i can confirm.

    this is done in all gurudwara(sikh temple)but usually not to such a scale. the food there depends on how much people arrive. This happens all around the world. I an from Australia and eat langar there once or twice a week.

  15. Sikhs are amazing. I personally have different beliefs but I have the utmost respect and appreciation for them. Everyone is welcome at a Sikh temple. You can visit and then eat no matter who you are (I can’t remember if it’s Saturday or Sunday) and learn. Great people.

    ETA: I think they stand out to me because they really exemplify that eating/need comes before ideals. If you can’t or don’t care about someone’s basic human needs (food, shelter, etc) then you shouldn’t preach to them about beliefs/religion/ideas.

    Last edit: they do this in every temple, not just in India. I visited one in Seattle. They feed everyone delicious vegan food (I’m pretty sure vegan) and you ask for it a certain way with open hands and people come around and serve you. It very much is for strangers, homeless, and those there to worship.

  16. This amazing religion was founded by Shri guru Nanak dev and one of the fundamental principles of Sikhism is seva i.e to serve others which is not only practiced in gurudwaras (Sikh temple) but also sikhs organize it throughout their own residences and areas where they live in order to feed the poor or anybody in need out of their own pockets. Massive respect! Their history and their sacrifices is one everyone should read about!

  17. In the US if you are suddenly kicked out of your home, go to nearby Sikh temple, you can stay there for up to 3 days, they will also give you 2 meals and milk and tea daily.

  18. Annual food and operational costs for the temple exceeds $4 million annually.

    Which is as solid an example of the power of people working together as you’ll get.

    In contrast, the Church of Joel Osteen’s Bank Account has an annual budget over $70 million that it uses to benefit a shamefully small number of people.

  19. Hare Krishna’s feed people too. I used to live across from the temple in Pacific Beach, you could eat there for a $2 donation or for free if you couldn’t afford it. It was delicious.