1. The scriptures of virtually all the world’s major religions – Christian, Islam, Judaism, Sikh, Hinduism, Buddhism, Baha’i – all decry selfishness as being a source of sin and suffering.

    And they all have followers who ignore those teachings.

  2. The Sikh people are so impressive in their altruism. Their historical actions stand for themselves.
    It is so upsetting to ever see them disrespected. Especially by Muslim hating racists that are so ignorant and don’t know any history.

  3. Well I can’t disagree with that on the surface. The vast majority of our social ills are rooted in selfishness. Although I’m sure we’d disagree with the details

  4. The core of Jainism

  5. Honestly, we can decry selfishness all we want and act alturistic, but when it comes to an actual survival situation, everyone is going to choose themselves and what they value over others.

    It’s a good thing to help others in everyday life, but ultimately, our self preservation instincts will always be stronger than anything else we believe in.

  6. Service to others is the key

  7. Sounds a bit self-centered, tbh…

  8. When you idolize the self… You think change is going to lessen you, but that resistance to change is the root of suffering

  9. People are still people unfortunately. There was a brawl at a Sikh temple posted recently, they were fighting to see who would be in charge. Extremely ironic

  10. This reminds me of the ‘anxiety as being torture b/c of narcissism’ reasoning.

  11. It’s literally what’s destroying the U.S. So I’d say they are spot on and it’s easily observable.

  12. Culture is a human construct fulfilling a structural vacuum. I believe they know something and it has important consequence into humans descending into a state of psychosis.

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