Signs of autoimmune disease, difficulty exercising noted 1…

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Signs of autoimmune disease, difficulty exercising noted 1 year after COVID

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  1. It’s disappointing that doctors are still attributing exercise intolerance and PEM in people with long Covid to deconditioning. It seems like the authors of the exercise study just did a 1-day CPET and assumed that the cause was reconditioning if no obvious issue was found. I bet they would have found serious dysfunction if they did more specialized testing like a 2-day CPET, or an iCPET.
    This is very similar to what doctors did to people with ME, and I’m saddened to see them do the same thing to people with LC because they’re ignorant of history.

  2. In 2021, it took me 8 weeks of consistent running (every alternate day) to train up from barely able to run 1km to finally hitting the 5K goal. It was the first time I was ever able to run 5K, and I’m age 48.

    I caught COVID a few months ago and after I recovered my stamina was shot to hell. I was back to the pre-1K days. I’ve restarted the same program and back at week 3. Hoping I’ll be able to regain my lost stamina.

  3. I’m curious if there’s any research towards using autoimmune treatments like those for Lupus against long covid.

    I saw some 2020 articles about using them to fight active covid, but didn’t stumble across anything further.

  4. While I’m really glad all of these studies are being done to identify these issues (especially speaking as someone who just got infected a second time), it would be very nice to start seeing more research around *solutions* instead of *problems*.

    (I’m sure it’s being done, but unfortunately there probably just aren’t any valid/publishable findings yet.)