Siding With DOJ, Appeals Court Rules Trump Judge ‘Abused’…

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Siding With DOJ, Appeals Court Rules Trump Judge ‘Abused’ Discretion by Halting Criminal Probe. The former president “has not even attempted to show that he has a need to know the information contained in the classified documents,” a three-judge federal panel wrote in its decision.

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  1. All of this would be happening without our knowledge if Trump hadn’t opened his big mouth about the FBI seizing those documents. DOJ would be compelled to keep quiet about it, but he has the impulse control of a sugar filled three-year-old, so each drip and drab makes the news. He’s such a mook.

  2. This is the same judge that gave below the minimum sentence to a man who threatened democratic congress members. She needs to be removed from her seat.

  3. As a judge and a professional it’s got to hurt a bit to have your ruling overturned by other judges. It’s like you made a decision at work and your peers come in and say “lol dumbass, we aren’t doing that.”

  4. I would love to see Trump under oath, in court explaining about when he declassified his “newspaper clippings” just by thinking about it. And then explaining WHY he so casually declassified those top secret documents, putting lives at risk.

    Trump is a con man, a tax evader, a cult leader, and a traitor.

  5. >”has not even attempted to show that he has a need to know the information contained in the classified documents”

    Trump is a hate-fueled troll, obsessed with revenge. He was publicly humiliated losing the election and convinced himself it was stolen from him.

    Whatever the hell he was up to with the nuclear documents and other top secret stuff was NOT GOOD. You can believe that.

  6. Now that adult judges have entered the room, Trump‘s family business is under existential attack, Bannon and Mr. Pillow are facing serious financial consequences – will this change the calculus of co-conspirators and potential wittneses? by

  7. Abuse of discretion is a legal standard simply meaning a ruling is not in accordance with the law. The term “abuse” isn’t a measure of egregiousness as suggested in the title, though Cannons ruling was pretty damn egregious.

  8. I have been thinking since I first saw mention of Dearie asking him for proof he declassified these documents. His team said they do not want to assert that because it could be a defense. I kind of wonder if he even knows what all are in some of those classified documents. Like he is so careless with them he is not even sure what all he has. He probably took them as some point because he thought he could use them in some way. That does not mean he knows the context of the document or even the title, who published it, owns it, or anything else. So not only was the special master a delay tactic, he also needed a list of documents so he could say he thought about declassifying them so they are now declassified. Hard to make a list when you are not keeping track of the documents.

  9. I don’t understand why the red herring of whether the docs are classified or not is such a sticking point. He has them. That’s the issue. He’s not supposed to have them, he doesn’t own them, they aren’t his.

  10. Jesus fucking Christ:

    > In a Fox News interview that aired late Wednesday, Trump claimed the president can declassify documents “by thinking about it.”

    Someone tell me again how this isn’t a parody timeline with a script from The Onion

  11. >In a scathing 29-page order granting a partial stay of the district court judge’s order, two Trump appointees and one Obama appointee on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit dismantled Cannon’s legal reasoning for halting the Justice Department’s criminal probe of documents

    Good to know that 2 trump appointees to the federal courts are willing to follow the rule of law and not going to be trump lovers like Cannon.

  12. This play isn’t really working out in trumps favor. He was hoping this was gonna delay things for a while and they made some decisions really fucking quick. Tick tok.

  13. Can someone help explain why Trump’s legal team can appeal any and every decision to the SCOTUS? Are there not rules to prevent appealing a ruling solely because you didn’t like the ruling?

  14. This isn’t about Trump’s need to know. Declassification is about what everyone else has permission to see including your enemies. Trump might conceivably claim he had the right to that information, but he most certainly never had the right to make that information available to others.

  15. If the DOJ decides to file criminal charges against Trump, where would they file those charges? In Dc? FL?

  16. If Donald did not open his mouth about the raid I’m not sure we’d be where we are now. I’m having a difficult time understanding why. He saw what happened to his more active base on Jan 6th- they lost- so I guess desperation?

  17. In the next session of Congress, I am sure there will be congressional hearings into Trump $hit show. Kindly invite Judge Cannon to a televised session and ask her about her rulings and reasonings in this case. Failure to provide answers should lead to IMPEACHMENT!

  18. I can say with a high degree of confidence that writing the ruling took several times longer than deciding the ruling itself.

  19. There need to be consequences for this abuse of discretion.

    I don’t know what, how, where, or by whom, but it can’t be allowed to stand or the Rule of Law becomes (even more of) a joke.

  20. under the terms of the district court’s injunction the Office of the Director of National ntelligence is permitted to continue its “classification review and/or intelligence assessment” […] But the United States is enjoined “from further review and use of any of the materials seized from Plaintiff’s residence on August 8, 2022, for criminal investigative purposes.

    Anyone care to explain this from the ruling?

  21. Gotta love a public ruling telling someone they are bad at their job. Would be great if she could actually lose her seat

  22. If I were the judge I’d be giving Trump pretty much whatever he wants. However I’d try to do it in such a way that it eliminates possible reasons for an appeal when Trump is found guilty. “The courses gave the guy all the chances in the world, above and beyond what’s normal. There is no reason this trial should be appealed.” Something like that. Then I’d sentence him to the harshest possible sentence. People in positions of power who abuse that power ought to have harsher sentences than regular folk.