Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution Condemning Violence And…

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Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution Condemning Violence And Threats Of Violence Against The FBI

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  1. Republicans don’t follow US law. Fat chance they will follow a resolution. Give it no more than a week until hawley, cruz, MGT, or gaetz either directly threatens the FBI or likes a post of a direct threat to the FBI.

  2. This is my favourite part:

    “Whereas, pursuant to a judicially issued warrant, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (referred to in this preamble as ‘‘FBI’’) searched the residence of former President Don- ald Trump (referred to in this preamble as ‘‘the former President’’) on August 8, 2022, for classified and na- tional defense information records OWNED by the United States (referred to in this preamble as ‘‘the search’’);”

    Note: my emphasis is added by capitalising the word ‘owned’.

  3. 50 Republican Senators: We Condemn violence and threats against the FBI, but sincerely hope that it does not stop.

  4. well, that’s a nothing burger that will have zero effect on the qMAGA folks who will not abide any who dare cast a shadow on their leader

  5. What does this even mean?? A strong admonishment with no actual teeth? Are they going to do something about the white supremacist trumperrorists?

  6. I’m interested how condemnation of crazy fuckers are going to stop them. Threatening federal law enforcement straight proves your not part of the norm law abiders

  7. Resolution aren’t law. Republicans will do nothing practical to help curb threats against the “opposition”

  8. LOL. Must be an election year for the GOP, pretending to care like they are.

    I remember what they have done in the past.

  9. How much time was wasted on this resolution that accomplishes absolutely nothing? Threats of violence against the FBI is already illegal, so how about passing some actual legislature that would accomplish something real?

  10. Maybe the NSA should be tracing these calls and threats against the FBI and their families, and chasing the vermin down for death threats and domestic terrorism?

  11. Good move by Durbin/Democrats to get the GOP on record. But the truth is, the GOP doesn’t support anything that doesn’t help them seize power by whatever means.

  12. Wow took me long enough? Is it any wonder so many seem to regard these fools as Ents?

    It’s been 2 hours what have they decided? We just finished saying hello….