Senate race between GOP Sen. Mike Lee and independent Evan…

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Senate race between GOP Sen. Mike Lee and independent Evan McMullin tightening up, new Utah poll shows. Lee 36, McMullin 34

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712 shares, 853 points


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  1. I answered a text survey tonight regarding this race. It was very hard to answer the “what is some positive coverage you’ve seen in the media for Mike Lee?”

  2. I think this was based on polling like 850 people.. I still think Mike Lee wins in a landslide. Not saying I support him, but we aren’t quite there yet as a state to overthrow him.

  3. Mike Lee and Burgess Owens both need to go. Owens has been a big lie guy from the start. No more Trumpers! Get rid of the lot of them.

  4. Why in gods name are we still doing RV polls in late September!? The Utah Debate Commission poll is probably more accurate at this point.

  5. In the immortal words of The Wolf, “Let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet.”

    My checkmark will be next to McMullin, but I’m noting voting for him, I’m voting against Lee. Hopefully there are enough like me, but I’m not counting chickens yet.