securing the best parking spot for sunset

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securing the best parking spot for sunset from gaming

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  1. Okay.

    I’m going to sound like an asshole.

    So, I’m glad people still enjoy GTA and GTAO

    But good lord am I tired of seeing the same rehashed gif of someone doing some car thing a million different times. If I really wanted to see some content for a 9 year old game I’d either go to its own subreddit or YouTube where they have a ton of content.

    I’m not knocking the accomplishment. Just that it’s been a bit much lately

  2. Damn why are people so angry at you in the comments? Even if they’ve seen a lot of stunt videos can’t they just ignore it and move on

  3. I’ve never played GTA V, but from all the clips that I see in gaming subs I gather it’s just basically a flavor of Golf.

  4. Sometimes I wonder if the implementation of GTAO messed with the driving physics in single player GTA V

  5. When people are doing things like this, is it mostly done in vanilla single player? Or is it some modded version or GTAO?

  6. These clips are wild, but they also remind me why I haven’t enjoyed the driving in these games since _St. Andreas_, probably.

  7. After reading a few comments, I’d like to tell you that i like this! Assuming you are the oc, this must have taken you ages to pull off?

  8. the simulated lens flares are what does it for me.

    That means the graphics are not supposed to be your actual 3rd person view of the action, but a simulation that you’re sitting at home, watching screen showing a camera with lenses following the action.