1. Researchers in Switzerland and the UK have developed flying 3D printing robots that can build structures on the wing as bees and wasps do.

    They say the technology could be used to erect or repair buildings in difficult spots like disaster zones or in the upper reaches of skyscrapers.

    The drones cooperate to deposit layers of material guided by a digital design, adapting their movements as they go.

    They are fully autonomous while flying but are monitored by a human controller.

  2. I am reminded of “The Hive” structure from the RTS game Supreme Commander. It was a taskable group of flying drones that could build or repair. Life imitates art.

  3. This will be really helpful the next time I want to build a giant wasp hive.

    The trick is that drones, for now, are restricted to a small list of materials and structure shapes. You have to design around your building method.

  4. Little bit like those droids in the 2nd season of mandolorian

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