Scientists at University of Massachusetts Amherst warn…

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Scientists at University of Massachusetts Amherst warn common flies pose greater health risk than mosquitoes because they vomit on food

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  1. Poor title wording makes it deceptive.

    Mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals on Earth; they kill thousands of people daily.

    The article focuses on synanthropic diptera that are *not* haematophagous, and are incapable of transmitting the most dangerous arboviral or protozoan diseases.

    The haematophagous diptera, particularly the Anophelines and allied genera, are deadly.

  2. Another appalling example of shitty science journalism as the title is not what the authors say.

    It’s a really interesting and detailed paper but the authors are not without blame for headlines like this since with one of the final statements being speculative and for using a god awful “further research is required” phrase which should be banned.

    >Synanthropic flies may be even more important in disease transmission than blood-sucking flies and, the role of the crop in proving this should help. Future research will also help answer this question.

  3. There been discussion about a world without mosquitos and the impact it would have on ecosystems. I would selfishly love a world without flies but they seem to have a more crucial role in everything. It would be great to see a world where we’ve selectively bred flies to leave living humans alone without us spraying everything and everyone with chemicals.

  4. No, they warn that the understanding of common flies is underestimated because there haven’t been enough studies on it as compared to blood-feeding insects (because malaria is over-dramatized). Which is fair. There haven’t been much, if any, studies on them. Maybe because they don’t transmit malaria or west nile. Or dengue. And that pesky malaria. OR MAYBE THEY DO AND WE NEED TO RESEARCH IT!

    Clickbait article.

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  6. So what do Flys carry in their vomit that kills on the same level as mosquitoes? The fatality numbers don’t add up to anything close to mosquitos.